Five Easy Steps To Smooth and Sexy Legs

Five Easy Steps To Smooth and Sexy Legs - Many women use shorts or mini dress that showed off their feet. There is no harm anyway, as long as your feet gently with a charming color, smooth skin, and gives the illusion as if the stage like a model. But if not?

Here are simple steps that you have smooth legs and sexy without spending a lot of time:

1. Soften Your Skin

Scrub. For soft skin, rajinlah use body scrubs to remove dead skin cells. Look for containing oil to prevent dry skin and peeling.

Apply. In order for your feet berkemilau, Nicole Pozzetti of TruSkin Clinical Spa in New York rubbing the skin with a scrub in a circular motion, and give more attention in the area around the knee and ankle.

Banish bumps. To eliminate the red bumps around your thighs, Jeannette Graf, MD, one of the dermatology professor at New York University Medical Center suggests using Lac-Hydrin cream. Beruntusan laktatnya acid can eliminate quickly.

Reduce gelambir. Wrap your feet with lotion that is useful to tighten the skin. The formula contains ingredients like caffeine and seaweed extract which can temporarily make the skin tighter.

2. Be prepared to 'Naked'.

Sharpen your razor. The best way to shave, according to Cindy Barshop, the founder of Completely Bare Spas in New Ork and Palm Beach, Florida, is with a razor with four blades. "Fur will cut in once a razor so you do not have to shave again and again."

Remember steamy. Maybe most of us use a razor blade when the shower while getting ready to go to the office. "Better to shave at the last moment," said Dr.. Graf. "The steam will soften the hair, making it easy to shave." To the best techniques, experts recommend to keep the skin and shave in the opposite direction of hair growth. When dealing with sensitive areas, like around the groin, do it in the direction of hair growth to avoid hair grow abnormally, Dr. Graf suggests.

Use the right products. Shaving cream containing ingredients such as silicone lubricants, oils and sap selulosit, will reduce redness and irritation because these materials will soften hair and make razor glide over your skin, Ni'Kita Wilson (cosmetic chemist in Fairfield , New Jersey) suggest. Read carefully wrap the product before you buy.

Wax with a little groan. If you include the patient and able to withstand pain, consider doing a waxing on your feet. "Waxing means you pull out your hair to the root, just remove it while shaving on the surface, so the results will last longer," says Ann Marie Cilmi, director of education and development for Bliss. (Note: do waxing on a large field at the same time constitute torture. Try waxing by doing a field of smaller pieces.)

Enjoy the hair that grows just not normal. Despite your best efforts, may not normally grow hair - especially if you have a coarse and curly hair. Do not pull it out; do massage in the surrounding area with a cotton swab dipped in the face cleanser that contains glycolic and salicylic-acid. "This will open the top layer of skin, open the hair follicles so the hair can grow through it," said Dr.. Graf.

3. Add sheen to your skin

Increase your base color. If your leg pale, given the gradual self-tanner care. "The materials contained in it will help the amino acids in the skin to produce brown pigment that naturally," said Dr.. Graf. Your skin color will be darker in five to seven days, after that, apply lotion every day to make it shine.

Get sheen quickly. If you want to look tan now, the best way is applying a bronzing oil before you go kelua. The effect will only last until you shower. To try a technique whose effects are more lasting, use a mousse or towelette with the browning process that does not require much sun: They make your legs as if she'd go to the beach, golden, and its effects last up to a week later. You can choose the level of color that matches the color of your skin, and the product even easier to use than other types of sprays, which sometimes cover the entire place, said Jim Hammer, a cosmetics chemist in Easton, Massachusetts.

Wear gloves. Before the sweep towelette or mousse on your skin, wear gloves made of latex. "That way, your hands will not be exposed to color the molecule intended for the feet," advises Barshop. Make sure your feet are not wet or greasy as this will impede the self-tanner perfect sink.

Spread it wide. Apply product from above the ankle to below the knee, with a uniform direction. Next, focus on your thighs, use a mirror to facilitate views. For the knee, mixed tanner with moisturizer for dry skin in the area does not become too dark there. "You do not want to look like he was wearing knee pads," warns Barshop said. Ignore areas not exposed to sunlight. "The heels or soles of the feet are brownish means failure," said Susie Hatton of Chocolate Sun, a salon in Santa Monica, California.

Remove all stains. If the results have kejinggaan stain, do not panic. "Bath will eliminate it," explains Joanne Gair, interpreters makeup and body paint. "Otherwise, just add a cup of milk in the bath," added Hatton. "Lactic acid will lower the levels of color." According to Dr. Graf, if your ankle problem, remove the stain with a soft side of emery board or apply cream bleach and let stand for two or three minutes.

4. Get perfect results

Outsmart the curve. There is no magic way of treatment for cellulite, but experts agree that the skin lotion containing the ingredient caffeine (like coffee, guarana, and tea) will stimulate circulation and pressed the pace of wrinkles in a while. Other ideas: Use a dry body brush and start from the ankle, brush up, says Chantal Sanders, director of development for the Clarins spa and boutique.

Eliminate the rash. If you're banging your self to the end of the table, stick hit the ice in the area to prevent swelling. Then cover the scar with makeup mixing several types of lightening with your daily moisturizer, clear Cilmi.

Cover the rest. To blur strokes birth marks, and the veins are prominent, Londa Rondinella-Osgood, interpreters and makeup for the Miss Universe contestant, use a concealer which is used for the body.

5. Create your toes more beautiful

Cut and miserly. Cut your toenails straight and miserly tip of a sharp nail but do not make a circular shape as this can cause the nail to grow into the surrounding skin, "recalls Dr. Graf.

Beautify the skin. Remove calluses and rub with a pumice stone, then apply a smoothing foot scrub, Julie Serquinia advice, nail salon owner of Paint Shop Beverly Hills.

Soak. Push back your cuticles with a towel that has been moistened washcloth, and scrub with a moisturizer and cuticle oil, let them soak in a minute or two. Clean the oil remains behind.

Nail polish. Apply a basecoat and two coats of nail polish. Bright colors like pink and purple is perfect for providing a bright color.

Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Organizer

Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Organizer - Every woman wants a perfect wedding. Start preparations, the ceremony until the wedding reception. To realize it, it will be difficult if done alone. Therefore, services Wedding Organizer can help realize the bride wishes.

Unfortunately, sometimes what they want the bride and groom are not properly realized by Wedding Organizer. So that it does not happen, then it must be smart to choose Wedding Organizer. Here are tips on choosing a Wedding Organizer to your liking.

References / Testimonials
The easiest way to find Wedding Organizer is through the testimonials of people who you trust. You can ask friends, relatives or even colleagues. Another way to choose Wedding Organizer is by looking through the internet. Look at the company profile, documentation of events and packages offered.

Processing Capability Concept
It is important for a Wedding Organizer to cultivate the concept of marriage so that you can imagine how beautiful your big day is. Give the basic concepts that you have and let them develop it. You can assess the ability of Wedding Organizer is to imagine if the concept is realized.

Flexible with the Budget
It is closely related to a Wedding Organizer creativity in concocting a draft. Good Wedding Organizer will be able to maximize his client's budget to produce a memorable wedding event. So it makes sense for your budget, please feel free to submit it at the Wedding Organizer, and ask them to submit a proposal based on the budget.

Communicative & Crew Who Cares
Do not forget to pay attention to this one because it basically involves the fabric of cooperation with any communications between people. Try to get to know your wedding Wedding Organizer crew by asking for time to meet or just to ask questions by phone. From there you can know whether the service and communication style they are quite professional.

Well that's had a few tips that you can make reference to you in choosing the Right Wedding Organizer. For those of you who are planning your wedding, I highly recommend you to visit that is Best for Bride The Best Bridal Stores that provide wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses, Wedding Favors and everything else needed to make your wedding day a special day for you

In order for Back Pain Not Disturb Works

In order for Back Pain Not Disturb Works - Too often interact with a computer can make the waist feels sore, even painful. Not only that, the exercise also had an adverse effect on the neck and shoulders. According to experts, these negative impacts arising out of your body posture is not good when it works.

Consider the following tips so that you can complete the job without having to be bothered low back pain. Because, if the pain is whack, inevitably work will also be neglected, is not it?

1. Have a quality office chair, comfortable, and easily customizable. Position the seat at the table, and set the seat height so that the elbows, hips, and your knees bent 90 degrees during the workday. The forearm should be parallel or slightly down toward pedestal table. Both feet planted firmly on the floor. If it is not up, use cardboard or a small stool as a pedestal.

2. Use a document holder placed next to a computer screen with the same visibility of the eye so you can work more comfortably. Working with documents placed in the base table will make you often bent so that it can make easy stiff neck.

3. Limit computer use and take breaks every 30 minutes to stretch in the neck, wrists, and shoulders. Divert focus on the point that far from you, so that the eyes can relax for a moment. Arose from his seat and walk a little.

4. Learn ten-finger typing, so you can type fluently without having to repeatedly leaned forward in search of keyboard letters to be typed. Know also some shortcuts the computer, so you do not have any time using the mouse. It also will make your work more efficiently and quickly.

5. Keep always health with frequent exercise. Maintain strength and flexibility of the body with activities like yoga and Pilates. Manage stress well in the world of work, as well as to balance career and personal world.

Well, by running the tips above you can hopefully avoid the skit waist when you're running your own labor.

Demands Ability Nurses Professional and Skilled

Hello readers, thank you remain loyal visiting my blog. In today's demand of professionals and skilled nurses increasingly demonstrate a significant increase each year. Given the profession that one is very vital role in providing the best care services to patients, do not be surprised if a nurse is always required for professional and have good skills in the disciplines mastered.

To answer these challenges, today Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts is a private university based in Northern California, United States, offering programs licensed vocational nurse California is a nursing education program supported by teachers who are competent in their field, a complete educational facilities and educational curriculum more emphasis on training students as one of the most important part of medical education. Additionally guarantee job placement is also part of the program offered. So it can certainly lvn California graduate students has a level of professionalism and good skills in implementing their knowledge in order to improve the best medical care.

Easy And Healthy Weight Loss

Easy And Healthy Weight Loss - There are many ways to lose weight, start reducing the size of the meal, diet or exercise. But at least there are 5 ways to lose weight without dieting or exercise. What?

Increase the activity or exercise is the best way to burn calories and lose weight. But for people who do not have much time, how it can not be the first choice. Here are 5 ways to lose weight without strict dieting or exercise:

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1. Drinking green tea

Green tea helps you lose weight in several ways, one because it contains polyphenols in a very high level. Studies show that high levels of polyphenols in green tea increases the body's metabolic system to 4 percent. A faster metabolism helps the body release more fat and calories.

2. Eat more protein

Eating foods high in protein can also accelerate the rate of metabolism by supporting muscle mass. Protein helps build muscle and muscle burns more calories than fat.

Protein also works as an appetite suppressant by making you feel full faster and longer than carbohydrates. Eat protein activates a natural hormone that promotes weight loss, called PYY. This hormone reduces hunger.

Protein-rich foods such as milk, cheese, eggs, cottage, fish, red meat, chicken, nuts and seeds.

3. Do not eat at night

There are two theories behind weight gain and sleep. One is that you're really not on when you sleep and can not burn the last meal, so it is more likely to be stored as fat.

Another theory is that staying awake till late at night causes a desire to eat more carbohydrates and sugary foods because the body is designed to sleep at night.

4. Drinking ice water

Many know that drinking eight glasses of water a day beneficial for health and helps in weight loss, but few know the added benefit of drinking ice water. Recent research suggests drinking ice water burn calories by increasing metabolism rate.

5. Stop emotional eating

Emotions can trigger hunger and desire to eat more of the requirements needed by the body. Stress, sadness, boredom, anxiety and anger were reported as a cause of emotional eating. Get to know the hunger caused by the body signals or just a mere emotion.

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Benefits of Water For The Human Body

Benefits of Water For The Human Body - Water is an important part in human life. Because the human body itself is composed of 60-70% liquid, the water plays an important role in human survival. Some of the benefits of water for the human body include: Lose weight, Increase Energy, Reduce stress, build muscle, maintain skin, helps digestion and Dissolving Kidney Stones

Formerly a human doing the traditional treatment of drinking water is by cooking your own, but as an increasingly advanced technological developments, the current drinking water treatment traditionally has begun to be abandoned and replaced with the treatment of drinking water and better hygiene. Currently the market has been very widely circulated both types of bottled water in gallon bottles and all of which are manufactured using advance technology.

Along with such technological advances as well, many companies are currently serves its customers with the facility delivery services, both to homes and offices that require drinking water consumption. Therefore, considering the number of drinking water delivery service for consumption, I strongly encourage you to visit the Water Delivery that will assist you in determining the choice of Water Delivery and benefits based on the results of research experts in their field.

Personal Anti-Social, Hazard Detection Strategies

Personal Anti-Social, Hazard Detection Strategies - Have you met with an awkward or look strange? Anti-social attitudes they turned out to have a distinct advantage. A study revealed, an anti-social, awkward and dangerous conditions to save time.

someone who feels insecure or anxious always tend to avoid social relationships. Not only that, they are also more quickly detect and respond to potentially dangerous situations.

In the study, published in the journal Personality and Social Psychology asked respondents fill out surveys designed to assess their attachment style.

Then, they were divided into three groups and internet-based game play. They were kept waiting in a room to start the game. When investigators went, 'fake computer' in the room starts to smoke, and researchers wanted to see their reaction. The study found that anti-social group is more responsive than two other teams.

Psychologist Tsachi Ein Dor explains, "Anxiety, perceived unpleasant for all those who feel, can be very beneficial, because it allows early detection of threats."

Similarly, "avoidance behavior is also very useful, because it allows rapid response to threats," said Ein Dor, who is also one of the researchers.

How does the level of your social anxiety? Please test your level of social anxiety in the  
Social Anxiety Disorder Test

What are the symptoms of social anxiety that? Get your answer in  
Social Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

If you need professional guidance to deal with social anxiety you please click this
Social Anxiety Disorder

Know the Causes and Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

Know the Causes and Symptoms of Hemorrhoids - Hemorrhoids is a disease that occurs in the anus where the lips had swollen anus is sometimes accompanied by bleeding. Hemorrhoid disease is not only giving pain to the sufferer, but also provide a sense of inferiority and shame for hemorrhoid disease.

In patients with hemorrhoids are generally difficult to sit and defecate due to pain when the mouth rectum or anus sphincter under pressure. In patients with severe hemorrhoids are sometimes difficult to treat so it can be given a surgical removal of hemorrhoids which can give side effects that are sometimes not good. Therefore, hemorrhoids need to be aware and to be easily handled properly treated.
Do not ignore and underestimate the disease you suffered because of hemorrhoids that you can be made to suffer for life by hemorrhoids that are not addressed properly until the roots.

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Hemorrhoids may result from the following things below so need to watch out for and avoid :
1. Too much sitting
2. chronic diarrhea
3. Pregnancy in pregnant women due to hormonal changes
4. Descendants hemorrhoid sufferers
5. Unusual sex
6. A disease that makes pushing the patient
7. Constipation / obsitpasi chronic
8. The emphasis of return flow of venous blood, etc..

Before seriously we should know what kind of hemorrhoids you very beginning so that we can treat as early as possible. Usually the patient will experience rectal bleeding with the color pink blood dripping or flowing through the anus / rectum. Patients will also feel there are bumps on the anus while defecating, so people will push it that could aggravate hemorrhoids. Otherwise it will feel itchy anus usually caused by viruses and bacteria that make the infection.

Okay readers, thank you for reading the article about the Causes and Symptoms of Hemorrhoids. May be useful.

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Enjoy the speed and convenience of your business travel

Hello readers, thanks for reading my blog. For those business people who have high mobility, transportation modes that fast, convenient and connected to all major business center is your need to support your business activities which is crowded. This is important, because the speed and timeliness is crucial in building confidence in your business clients, but would also not ignore on your business trip convenient. Currently if you're traveling on business in London, UK. I suggest you to use the rail service as the solution to your best business trip. Because, besides quick and convenient mode of transportation this type of transportation is very mercy of environments because it has the disposal of carbon dioxide emissions 10 times smaller than if you use a flight from the airport.
St Pancras International is a super fast train station where in the center of London and is a key access point from London to Europe, as well as connected to all major airports. In addition to serving the traveling international and domestic railway, also serving the domestic underground services all over London. Trains from to the continent take just an hour, which is much faster and cheaper than a trip to the airport. On December 13th, 2009 has launched the Javelin, which is kind of superfast train that takes only 17 minutes to deliver you from St Pancras International station to Ebbsfleet in Kent.
So if you want to enjoy a comfortable and super fast business trip,  this mode of transportation is worthy be your best choice.

Use of Bra Too Tight Trigger Breast Cancer

Use of Bra Too Tight Trigger Breast Cancer.    Although make breasts look fuller, use a bra that is too tight is not good for health. Really?

Many women think that wearing a bra that is too tight, the better. The reason, they assume that a tight bra will give the appearance of breasts getting full, so make a form that is satisfactory. But worse, tight bra is not only charged when they move, but also when they sleep so as to endanger health.

A recent study conducted at Harvard University link between the imposition of tight bra with breast cancer. This is because wearing a very tight bra can restrict blood circulation and lymph tissue damage.

According to research, lack of oxygen and nutrients would allow the delivery to the cells decreases. This is especially true with women who wore bras more than 12 hours a day and during sleep was still wearing it.

The study also found that middle-class women are at high risk of breast cancer because they work long hours by using a bra.

Because lymphatic vessels are very thin, that part was very sensitive to pressure and easily compressed. General practitioners in India, Dr MD Mody said, "The main reason why a tight bra is very bad for breast health is because it limits the flow of lymph in your breast. Normally the lymph fluid will clean up waste and other toxins in the breast. But the bra is very tight will inhibit this process, so the toxins will accumulate in breast cancer and helped to develop. "

Many experts say that many women believe if they follow a regular diet and exercising every day, chances are they affected by breast cancer will be reduced.

According to India's gynecologist, Dr. Smiti Kamath, "Many women come to me with the awareness of regular exercise. They are very surprised when informed that the lymphatic circulation in many tissues (especially the primary lymphatics) are very dependent on the movement. Wearing a bra, especially in the bed will prevent the normal lymphatic flow and allows the lead to anoxia (lower than normal oxygen content) associated with fibrosis which is associated with increased cancer risk, "he said.

Oncology, Dr MV Shah said that women who have a family history of breast cancer should be extra careful.

"Bra inhibit our body's way of cleaning up and get rid of cancer cells and toxins such as dioxin, benzene, and other karsiogenik chemicals that attach to the fatty tissues of the body such as breasts," says Dr. Shah.

Therefore, women who like to use a bra that is too tight can lead to breast cancer

Five health beneficial drinks detoxify the body

Eating fresh vegetables and fruit juice is a natural way of detoxifying your body. Allowing water to drink every morning is also a positive benefit of the body remove toxins.

Here are five useful health drinks detoxify the body:

Dr. Poonam Rathod, health experts, say, regular consumption of water the body needs to cleanse the digestive system, and eliminate toxins and remains of food stuck in the intestines. This keeps the body clean and stomach of food waste.

Fresh Coconut Water
This fluid can detoxify the body naturally. In addition to cleanse the digestive tract. Drinking coconut water will boost immunity and is useful to keep ourselves well hydrated.

Pumpkin Juice
Pumpkin juice is an excellent natural remedy for those suffering from digestive problems and acidity. "It's because of its alkaline nature. Fibers in a bottle of pumpkin juice also heal digestive problems," said Dr. Rathod.

Green Tea
Green tea is a natural antioxidant. It contains polyphenols that help regulate glucose in the blood. "Polyphenols inhibit the movement of glucose into fat cells, thus preventing them entering the bloodstream," said Dr. Rathod.

Orange Juice
Is a source of vitamin C, which is known to boost immunity. "Oranges rich in flavonoids, antioxidants, which protect the human immune system by acting against germs and bacteria that cause disease," said Dr. Rathod.

For tips, detox drinks would be better if taken before breakfast. "In this way the detoxification process will go well and you can feel the health benefits.," Said Dr. Rathod.

Mandatory Know Before Whitening Teeth

Bleaching teeth into the middle of a lifestyle trend in society that always wants to look gorgeous. Tooth whitening techniques with these chemicals appear in various forms began to gel whitening gel, toothpaste, mouthwash up.

Almost all products promising the ability to remove stains as well as brighten dull teeth layers. Despite its effectiveness, a number of whitening products containing certain chemicals that can damage the health of your teeth.

"Teeth whitening can cause tooth sensitivity. The occurrence of sensitivity on the teeth can be a sign of tooth whitening system is wrong," said Professor Linda C. Niessen, MD, from A & M Health Science Center Baylor College of Dentistry, Dallas.

The emergence of a mild tingling sensation in the teeth when you eat cold or hot drink is a sign of increased tooth sensitivity. The effect of abrasion on enamel is prone befall those who perform teeth whitening in their 20s and 30s years.

Based on the survey, as many as 82 percent of Americans experience dental pain and increased sensitivity of the gums caused by tooth whitening. That is why dentists recommend dental health consultation before making teeth whitening techniques.

Interested in teeth whitening? Learn the tips before deciding bleaching teeth:

1. No matter how you would do, bearing in mind that your teeth should not be whiter than the whites of your eyes.

2. Know what's in your mouth prior to dental bleaching. If you have composite fillings, or use a coating teeth (veneers) are made to match the original color of the front teeth, not any teeth whitening products can change the color of your teeth porcelain.

So if you whiten your teeth in any way, the tooth that is patched or has the veneer is not likely to make it look whiter. Indeed, it has the teeth look more yellow.

3. Do not chase mirages. Lower standards of your teeth whiteness level. Therefore, the model-mpdel beautiful appearance on the cover of a magazine with bright white teeth is not the result of tooth bleaching techniques, but rather the result of Photoshop or veneer. So do not ngoyo to achieve the impossible standards.

4. Ask an expert doctor to perform teeth whitening will be better than using the product at random. Using a lower concentration of products or reduce the frequency of bleaching can also help reduce the sensitivity of the gums and help achieve gradual results without exaggeration.

When using bleach your teeth at home, use only for 15 minutes, no more 30 minutes. Do not use every day, just once or twice a week. Ask your dentist to perform treatment with a new biocompatible material called NovaMin that can cope with sensitive teeth. NovaMin react with saliva and minerals on the tooth surface to create a barrier of pain.

5. Avoid things that can lead to stains on teeth. If you smoke, stop! Not just for the sake of your teeth white, but also to support health. Avoid foods and beverages such as tea-colored, red grapes, and blueberries. Brush your teeth immediately after eating and before bedtime. And do not forget to always perform dental examinations every six months.

Ibn Sina Medical father of the World

Ibn Sina is known Europeans by the name of Avicenna. He is a scientist, Muslim philosopher, and expert medical science. He was named full Syeikhur Rais, Abu Ali Husayn ibn Abdillah ibn Hasan ibn Ali ibn Sina. Ibn Sina was known as the father of modern medicine because of its expertise in medical science. Ibn Sina was also a prolific writer who produced many works in the field of philosophy and medicine.

He was born in Persia (now Uzbekistan country). Ibn Sina gives total attention in the scientific world. In a young age he had mastered the various fields of science, especially medicine. More than 450 books about medicine has dususunnya until he considered the father of modern medicine. George Sarton called Ibn Sina "the most famous scientists of the Islamic world." His most famous is The Book of Healing and The Canon of Medicine, also known as the Qanun (full title: Al-Qanun fi Tibb At).

Ibn Sina was born in the year 370 (H) / 980 (M) at his mother's house Afshana, a small town is now the territory of Uzbekistan (part of Persia). His father, a respected scientist from Khorasan Balkh. When Ibn Sina Born, her father served in the governor Nuh ibn Mansur residential area, now of Afghanistan (and Persian). Ibn Sina's genius to make people amazed. At age 5 he had memorized the Koran. In his youth he became an expert ikmu various knowledge such as mathematics, philosophy, art and natural sciences.

In medicine, the book Al-Qanun of Ibn Sina's writings over the centuries become a major reference book and the most authentic. Book examines the general principles of medical science, medicine and various diseases. Along with the rise of the translation movement in the 12th century BC, the book Al-Qanun of Ibn Sina was translated into Latin. Now the book has also been translated into English, French and German. Al-Qanun is the book collection of ancient methods of treatment and methods of treatment of Islam. This book has been a curriculum of medical education in universities.

He studied medicine at the age of 16, and not only learned medical theory, but providing care to the sick, to his own account, found a method - a new method of treatment. The teenager achieved full status as a physicist at the age of 18 years and found that "Medicine is no hard and thorny science, like mathematics and metaphysics, so I quickly make progress; I became an excellent doctor and began to treat patients, using drugs - appropriate medication. "the youthful physician fame spread quickly, and he treated many patients without asking for payment.

His first job a physicist for the emir, who cured of a dangerous disease. Ibn Sina's employer gave him a reward for it by giving him access to the library Samanids kings, supporter of education and science. When the library was destroyed by fire not long after, the enemy - the enemy of Ibn Sina accused him of people who burn, in order to conceal the source of knowledge. Meanwhile, Ibn Sina helped his father in his work, but still found time to write some of the most initially.

In the Islamic world the book - the book of Ibn Sina's famous, not only because of the density of his knowledge, but because the language is good and the way he writes is very bright. In addition to writing in Arabic, Ibn Sina also wrote in Persian. His books in Persian, was published in Tehran in 1954. The works of Ibn Sina's philosophy is prominent in the field of As-Shifa, and An-Najat Al-Isyarat. An-Najat is a resume of the book Al-Shifa. Al-Isyarat, composed later, to mysticism. Apart from that, he wrote many essays - a short essay called Maqallah. Most maqallah was written when he drew inspiration in the form of something new and immediately composed.

Although he lived in a time full of shock and is often busy with the matter of the state, he wrote about two hundred and fifty works. Among the most famous works are "Qanun" which is an overview of Islamic medicine and taught up to now in the East. This book was translated into Latin and taught at the University of the West centuries old. The work is both a monumental encyclopedia "Book of Al-Shifa '. This work represents the culmination of paripatetik philosophy in Islam. Among the essays - written by Ibn Sina is:

1. As-Shifa '(The Book of Recovery or The Book of Remedy = Book on discovery, or the Book of Healing).
2. This book is known in the Latin language with the name Sanatio, or Sufficienta. The entire book consists of 18 volumes, complete manuscript is now kept in Oxford University in London. Began to be written at the age of 22 years (1022 AD) and ended in his death (1037 AD). The contents are divided into four sections, namely: (1) Logic (including terorika and poems) covers the basic bouquet of Aristotle's logic to put all the material from the author - later Greek writers. (2) Physics (including psichologi, agriculture, and animal). Part - Physics section includes cosmology, meteorology, air, time, vacancies and descriptions). (3) Mathematics. Part of mathematics contains a centered view of the elements - the elements of Euclid, the outline of his Almagest Ptolemy, and an overview - an overview of arithmetic and science of music. (4) Metaphysics. Part philosophy, Ibn Sina poko mind combining the opinion of Aristotle with the elements - the elements of Neo Platonic and arrange a trial basis to adapt Greek ideas with confidence - kepercayaan.Dalam medieval Europe, this book became a standard course in philosophy at various high schools.
3. Nafat, this book is a summary of the book As-Shifa '.
4. Qanun, this book is LMU medicine, used as a basic book on the University of Montpellier (France) and University Lourain (Belgium).
5. Sadidiyya. Books of medical science.
6. Al-Musiqa. Books about music.
7. Al-Mantiq, preached for Abul Hasan Sahli.
8. Qamus el Arabi, consisting of five jilid.Danesh Namesh. Philosophy books.
9. Danesh Nameh. Philosophy books.
10. Uyun-ul Hikmah. The book consists of 10 volumes of philosophy.
11. Mujiz, kabir wa Sagheer. A book explaining the basics - the basic science of logic is complete.
12. Masyriqiyyin el Hikmah. Eastern Philosophy (Encyclopedia Britannica, Vol II, p.. 915 mentions the possibility of this book have been lost).
13. Al-Inshaf. Books about the True Justice.
14. Al-Hudood. Contains the term - the term and understanding - understanding that is used in philosophy.
15. Al-Cues wat Tanbiehat. This book is much more to talk about arguments - arguments and warnings - warnings that the principle of Divinity and Religious.
16. An-Najah, (a book about happiness Soul)
17. and so on

Prevent Hypertension with Seaweed

One study says high blood pressure, stroke and premature death can now be prevented by replacing the salt with a grain of sea grass.

Research by scientists from Sheffield Hallam University, UK examined the grain of seaweed found off the coast of England and Norway.

They get seaweed granules or granules are shown to be healthier and have lower sodium levels only about 3.5 percent compared with a salt commonly used in the food industry that could contain up to 40 percent sodium.

Replace salt with seaweed was supported by several health foundations in the UK, one of which Dr. Craig Rose of Seaweed Health Foundation. "It feels good, and powerful when mixed with food. The benefit is also clearly" explained Rose.

Although considered to help reduce high blood pressure disease, to heart. Yet much remains to assess the study less relevant.

As the results of the analysis of the Cochrane Review, which shows data from seven studies on nearly 6,500 people whose results showed no clear benefit to the transfer of salt to seaweed. They even suggested that more people follow the rules of salt diet, not replace it.

The maximum daily salt intake recommended for men age 11 and over is 6g a day. Experts claim that if this amount could be trimmed a few cases of high blood pressure and heart attacks would be cut 70,000 per year.

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5 Steps to Overcome Oily Skin and Glossy

In addition to acne prone, oily skin is also disturbing because it makes the face look shiny and make-up did not last long. So what can we do to minimize the oil on the skin?

1. Wash your face with soap more than three times a day
Two times is enough, after waking and before going to bed. If necessary, please wash your face in the middle of the day. Use soap or facial cleanser that is not cream-based. Avoid milk cleanser because it will make the skin more oily. Also avoid too frequent washing her face, because the skin will actually become dry and make the glands produce more oil.

2. Always willing to onionskin
Although this oil absorbent paper can not reduce oil production, it is useful to remove the gloss from the face and make a quick make-up does not fade.

3. Use a special moisturizer oily skin
Oily skin also still need a moisturizer. But not just any choice, because the average moisturizer works to moisturize dry skin, oily skin when you do not need extra moisture. Make sure you wear a moisturizer that is oil-free and made ​​especially for oily skin.

4. Use a toner after washing face
Toner is one good product to reduce the oil content in the face. But make sure you use a toner that did not contain alcohol. Alcohol will actually make the skin dry and oil glands also produce more oil because of it.

5. Use cosmetics made ​​from powder (powder)
Avoid blush and eyshadow made ​​from cream, because it will quickly fade and "melt" in your face is oily.

Fruits that can Prevent Cancer

Some fruits are known to have many benefits, so they called the super fruit. Now there is one more super handy and is known to prevent cancer, the Papaya fruit.
Papaya is one fruit that contains lycophene, known as a substance that is highly effective in preventing and combating the spread of cancer cells.
As quoted from Menshealth, a recent study found that levels of lycophene stimulates cells in the body's defense against cancer. This can prevent DNA damage and inhibit the spread of cancer.

Researchers from the University of Florida found that the Papaya is effective as an anti-cancer agents against cancers such as cervical, breast, liver, lungs and pancreas. The results of the study were published in the journal Ethnopharmacology.

It is known after the researchers conducted tests using a tea made from dried papaya leaf extract. The fruit is known to boost the chemicals that regulate the immune system.

Dr. Nam Dang University of Florida say that the extra papaya tested in the laboratory has no toxic side effects against normal cells. So the possibility he could be used as alternative medicine. However, further research is still needed to determine the effect it produces when it enters the body.

In terms of content lycophene, apparently Papaya also contains other sources of vitamin C, potassium and folic acid which makes it a very healthy fruit.

Other fruits and vegetables that contain a fairly good lycophene are tomatoes, watermelons, grapes, and generally foods that contain meat lycophene has a colorful

5 Ways to Protect Hair from Pollution

Pollution not only the health but also can damage your beautiful hair. Pollution can cause the hair no longer shine and look dull. Not only that, due to pollution, the crown for this woman will feel dry and malnourished. Of course this will ruin your appearance and can not be tolerated.

Unfortunately, regular shampoo and conditioner to use is not sufficient to restore hair to shine again. But not to worry. There are several precautions that need to be done in order to keep hair healthy, shiny, and beautiful.

1. Use a scarf or hat

A scarf or shawl can help protect your hair from harsh sunlight. The sun can damage the outer hair cuticle, so it will look dull. Use a scarf or a hat if you are outside or in the sun. It is very important to prevent the loss of a fine texture of hair.

2. Avoid using hair oil when they go out of the house

Do not let the oil on your hair more than an hour. The longer your hair is oily, it is increasingly difficult to eliminate. In addition, with out the use of hair oil will result in dust stuck in your hair. And it takes extra shampoo to clean it.

3. Hair Tie

To prevent hair so no more tangled and messy, start to tie up her hair. If you tie it, these tips will help protect hair from damage

4. Use sunscreen

Not only the skin, hair also requires a sunscreen. For the hair, spray sunscreen would be easier. Spray sunscreen on your hair before going outside the home. This will protect hair from sun damage and prevent hair loss. Hair will be more shine and texture good.

Lightly spray around the hair and can also use a conditioner that protects hair from sun rays.

5. hair diuap

Give steam to hair care, at least once a week. These treatments can be done at home. The trick, wet hair with warm water, wring the towel, and put the towel over your head to cool again. Repeat this process.

It helps to open pores and increase blood circulation. With great tenderness care, you will have beautiful hair every day

Recognize Three-Phase Aging

Aging is a natural thing, but a scourge for many women because it can reduce the beauty of the skin. The aging process can occur because of two factors, internal and external.

Internal factors consist of free radicals, immune and cell death process, or often called apoptosis. Meanwhile, the external factors of stress, lifestyle and pollution.

The aging process itself, occurs in three phases of life. The first phase, at the age of 25 to 35 years, the man will enter the subclinical phase of aging. At this phase has not been clearly visible signs of aging but the function of the hormone testosterone, growth hormone, and estrogen began to weaken.

Then, the second phase, at the age of 35 to 45 years. This is a transitional phase characterized by decreased function of the hormone as much as 25 percent, shrinking of muscles, and increased uptake of fat. Then the third phase, when entering the age of 45 years, called the clinical phase. Marked by, started to feel sick because of the ability to absorb nutrients, foods, minerals, and vitamins declined.

Inhibits the aging process is recommended to be done early. In fact, a pregnant woman to give birth normally recommended for women who consumed infant feces will increase immunity.

Many ways be taken to slow aging. Start of the treatment is expensive, buying antiaging medicine, to perform plastic surgery. In fact, the core of aging is only one block.

The point is to keep away from stress, because the health body health always starts from the brain (mind). Actually, if the stress is on the correct threshold is also good for the body

Chocolate For Health Benefits

Health is a state of peace, soul, body and social. Health care is an attempt to prevention and handling of health problems, such as treatment and examination. Health is very necessary and important because at present many people who would neglect his own health.

Talking about health, it also has a chocolate health benefits. Indeed, as we know chocolate is not good for health. It turned out that behind all that there are some substances contained in chocolate is also beneficial to health, one of these substances are flavonoids. Flavonoids are antioxidants in chocolate are capable of capturing free radicals yan source of the disease found in the body. It turned out that chocolate also be able to reduce the cholesterol that can cause people to be prone to heart attacks.

In addition to health, chocolate is also beneficial for beauty. One of the substances contained in chocolate are beneficial for beauty is catechins. Catechins are substances that can prevent premature aging, therefore, do not be surprised if the chocolate at this time can be used as an ingredient for scrubs at the beauty salon.

Many of the benefits that we can still get from eating chocolate such as:
1. Chocolate can make the brain more and more smart.
2. Chocolate contains Chromium which can control blood sugar levels.
3. Chocolate is also great for Alcohol drinkers.
4. Chocolate contains anti-bacterial.

But we also remain vigilant and do not carelessly also eat chocolate is not all good chocolate. Chocolate is usually branded not necessarily good, because good chocolate contains Cocoa (chocolate beans) More than 20%. Wherever possible select a chocolate that has a slightly sweet taste of sugar content'll instantly we can feel from the fruit chocolate because it is more natural and without any mixture of other chemicals.

Look younger with natural anti aging

If you have crossed 30, it is humorously said that do not frown too much standing in front of the mirror. It will result in wrinkles on your face. Then you will have to shop a bagful of anti aging creams and lotions. Days after, you will have more reasons to frown when you will find that those products have simply failed to restore your actual age on your face.

To a certain extent natural anti aging refers to natural cosmetic products. You will have plenty of them in any market. Even certain organic mineral make up stuff have also been introduced as a natural treatment of aging. But since beauty is skin deep, skin experts advise that you should try to reduce the age of your body from within and to the larger extent this is what natural anti aging is all about--making you look younger without any external make up. Rather, it is making your body glow with rejuvenation.

Anxieties have been diagnosed as the root cause of aging. So, an organic anti aging regime has to do away with anxieties. Modify your hectic life. Take adequate rest. When you have nothing to do, never invite irritating thoughts. Just relax, meditate and feel happy. The effect of this first step will be visible on your face within a week.

You may have found organic natural skin care products suiting your skin. But you should invest more time and endeavor in planning a good diet rather than cosmetics if you are to follow a proper anti aging process. Stuff your diet with multi vitamins, anti oxidants, mineral supplements. Go for food which contains amino acids and essential fatty acids as all these elements help in repairing the damaged cells.

You may not know which food contains what. Consult a dietician even if you know the sources of these nutrients because the dietary need may vary from person to person according to their body type. So regarding healthy diet, plan one with the help of an expert. Added to all these, drink plenty of water as water is the best natural antioxidant. You can have 'all-water day' or 'all-juice day' once a week. But that too with consent from your physician.

Overweight makes you look older. So you must pay attention to shed your extra flab. Since, the entire process is supposed to be natural, do not pop slimming pills. Rather, start cycling, swimming or yoga. Get rid of the fat and flaunt a younger body.

Moreover, anti aging procedure is not any single solution based. Alienating stress, reducing body weight, enriching your diet-- you have to combine all and follow the regime regularly and religiously.

Yet again, experts say, natural anti aging should not pose like a burden on you. So you are free to change your routine to maintain your interest in carrying on with the routine. Adopt a positive attitude and take life lightly and easily. Your anti aging regime and discipline may do wonders to your appearance.

Best Breast Cancer Treatment: Mammography, Ultrasound or Breast Cancer Self-Exam?

Any time breasts growths made signs and symptoms original with their emergence, they would frequently come to be safer to come to be seen and additionally viewed fruitfully. Still growths may well cultivate and additionally extended consistently lacking inflicting whatever bizarre discomforts. Mammograms, investigation and breasts assessments (CBE) which you'll find conducted because of a medical professionsal or even midwife and additionally breasts sub-conscious assessments (BSE) are often the two new ways to determine growths.

Advisors urge here specifications just for searching for breasts tumors original :

Wives in which are 50 and additionally in this article might proceed through mammograms per annum and will maintain to do provided they are simply for great health.

Wives in which are 60 and additionally in this article need a fabulous mammogram just about every single two year period.

Wives with their 20s and additionally 30s need a fabulous investigation and breasts quiz because of a physician more than just about every single four years.

Just about every single lover who's for teen years or possibly post-menstruating should be aware ways most of the bosoms in general physical appearance and additionally account whatever breast area transformation simply in their medical doctor. Breasts Sub-conscious Quiz (BSE) is really an opportunity for females getting into with their 20s.

Wives by means of improved disadvantages about breasts tumors for example wives by having a potent genealogy and family history about breasts or possibly ovarian tumors and additionally wives who had been viewed just for Hodgkin problem might proceed through ultrasound and additionally MRI.

At the same time, all of these ways deliver the top chance for searching for breasts tumors original. Characteristically, the sooner a fabulous tumors is normally seen and additionally revealed, some of the most triumphant the therapy, subsequently strengthening all the success cost. A fabulous mammogram might specify breasts piles specifically dangerous prior to when real bodily discomforts improve; then again, a lot of cancer who are not likely detectable about the mammogram will probably be noticed without hiring somebody or possibly any midwife.

You may possibly not still want answered whether a cancerous growth keeps growing throughout you will, still, just by doing all of your breasts sub-conscious quiz habitually, go to skills any bosoms in general physical appearance numerous experts a great deal more gladly determine whatever signs and symptoms whether a transformation shows up.

On the beginning about a lot of varieties abnormalities, all the dangerous panels have a chaos and additionally there may a small increase for blood circulation to locale. This approach strengthen for the numerous small to medium sized wrecks will probably come up with a deep darkness or possibly deep locale use with any each month security scanning.

It is not only approximately mammograms or possibly ultrasound or possibly all the process version of investigation and bazonga security scanning. The software literally uses all of them systems to provide the best methodology into your barricade to protect against breasts tumors.

All you need to know about Cervical smear tests

Research reveals that nearly 2,800 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer every year while 1,000 women die because of the cervical cancer disease. Nearly 1 in every 5 women in UK are falling prey to the dangerous cervical cancer because of their negligence of free smear tests conducted by NHS. Almost 1000 women die every year because of this cancer and none of them have undergone any screening test before they actually found they are infected by the disease. It is estimated that earlier screening would save 4,500 lives a year in England.

After breast cancer, cervical cancer is the second most common cancer among women aged 25 to 50 resulting in nearly 270,000 deaths worldwide. Cervical cancer is a kind of cancer which begins in the cervix and leads to symptoms such as abnormal vaginal bleeding. It is caused by the persistent infection with HPV acronym for Human Papilloma Virus which are a group of viruses and include more than 100 types. These viruses are normally spread through sexual contact and are often classified as oncogenic and non-oncogenic.

A recent survey conducted by YouGov among 2,718 women reveals that nearly 39 percent of the women had either missed their appointments or were late. About 30 percent of women said that they found it hard to find a convenient time to attend the smear test and some opinionated that the NHS should have flexible times to conduct the smear tests. Some women even felt embarrassing or had bad experience to ask for permission from their superiors for a day off during the office hours. These are quite a few of the excuses given by the women when asked to attend a free smear test. The health resources believe that nearly 75% of the cases can be avoided with a regular screening for the cervical smear tests. The younger women are more reluctant and struggle to make appointments for the smear tests.

There was an upsurge in the rate of women attending the cervical smear tests after the death of the famous reality TV star Jade Goodey infected with Cervical cancer in 2008. The tragic death of Jade Goodey has become an alarming sound for the entire nation and the number of women attending the checks have picked up tremendously. Women were attending cervical screening programme either through an invitation from NHS or GP's and even their own personal requests. Women between the age group of 25-49 who are living in England are invited for a regular cervical cancer test for every 3 years while women from the age group of 50-64 were invited for every 5 years by the NHS.

Australian researchers have found the vaccine for prevention of this Cervical cancer and was experimented on young female children between the age groups of 9 -14 before the sexual activity begins and they were able to reduce the cervical abnormalities. However, the research is still under study to determine its effectiveness for the higher age groups.

Get rid of Lymph Node Cancer

It is true that cancer is one of the deadliest diseases on this planet and if you are someone that suspects you or a friend of yours might be suffering from Lymph Node Cancer, then you will never have to worry about this too much, as in the following minutes we will try and decipher what this type of cancer is all about. If you have been diagnosed with it, then you will have to undergo special treatment so be sure that you make your monthly or tri-monthly check ups at your local laboratory, so that you ensure nothing is in the wrong lane with you. Discovering it in time, there are more chances that you will get to recover.

There are mainly two types of such cancer and they number Hodgkin's disease & also NHL. Your lymph nodes will get to be swollen up pretty badly when you will be let in on it for the first time, so keep this in mind. Also, because randomness is what describes this cancer, you will see that the location of their appearance can be anywhere from your underarms to your neck.

To properly discover what you are dealing with, a doctor will have to perform a biopsy on you and see clearly what is wrong. A small anesthetic is going to be administered to you so that you do not feel any pains while the procedure will commence. The tissue that will get to be extracted is to be analyzed in a special laboratory that will determine its characteristics. In total, there are forty three types of lymphomas and that is why your doctor will have to identify the right one you are suffering from.
If you will get to be let in on positive results, then you will be subjected to a series of other results soon. Also, keep in mind that the cancer has 4 stages and if you will be in the first stage, then chances of your recovery are high.

Don't worry if Lymph Node Cancer is what you have been diagnosed with, as there isn't anyone saying that you will get to die. There are many treatments available, so you will get well soon.
In some cases, you will probably have to undergo special diets, but not harsh ones. Your friends and family also need to support you, so be sure you keep them close to you.

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a disease where there is excessive growth or uncontrolled growth of cells (tissue) breast, This can happen to women and men. From all over the world, breast cancer (Breast Cancer / Carcinoma mammae) reported as one cause of cancer death number five (5) after; lung cancer, uterine cancer, liver cancer and colon cancer.

Causes of Breast Cancer
Breast cancer disease spelled the most common cancer diseases strike women, though men also have the possibility of having this disease with a ratio of 1 in 1000. It is not yet known exactly what causes this cancer occurs, but several factors likely are:
1. Age, disease increases breast cancer in the teenage years and upwards.
2. Genetic, There are two types of genes (BRCA1 and BRCA2) that Sagat may be a risk. If a mother or sister of breast cancer, then you likely have an increased risk of breast cancer two-fold compared to the other women in her family there was no single patient.
3. The use of drugs, for example a woman who uses hormone replacement therapy drugs {hormone replacement therapy (HRT)} as exogenous hormones would cause increased risk of getting breast cancer.
4. Other factors are suspected as the cause of breast cancer are: unmarried, married but no children, gave birth to her first child after age 35, never breastfed children.
Some studies reveal that breast cancer is increased in people who often face stressful conditions (shaking the soul) and also for women who previously experienced a period under the age of 11 years.

Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer
For those of you who feel any strange lumps around the breast tissue or even one of your breasts look bigger, better consult a doctor quickly. These lumps are usually painless, ranging from the small size that became large and palpable as attached to the skin. Some cases of breast skin changes around the lump or change in the nipple.
When the lump started to grow, then cause pain (pain) when pressed. If you feel pain in the breast and nipple that does not go away, you should immediately consult a medical. The nipple into the contract, which was pink and finally become brown and even the existence of edema (swelling) around the nipple is one strong sign of breast cancer. Another thing is the frequent discharge from the nipple when not nursing your baby.

Diagnosis of Breast Cancer
Breast cancer can be known with certainty by taking tissue samples of breast cells that have a lump (biopsy of action). This way it will know the type of cell growth is experienced, whether the tumor is benign or malignant tumor (cancer).

Breast Cancer Type
Through the examination of the call with mammograms, the type of breast cancer can be categorized into two parts, namely:
1. Non-invasive breast cancer, cancer that occurs in the bag (tube) milk {liaison between the alveoli (milk producing glands) and nipples}. In the language of medicine called 'ductal carcinoma in situ "(DCIS), which is where the cancer has not spread to the outside of the network of milk bag.
2. Invasive breast cancer, cancer that has spread beyond the milk bag and invade the surrounding tissue may even lead to the spread (metastasis) such other body gets lympa and other glands through the bloodstream.

Handling and Treatment of Breast Cancer
Handling and treatment of breast cancer depends on the type and stage experienced by patients. Generally, a person only known disease of breast cancer after stepping up a fairly severe stadium, this is due to a lack of knowledge or a sense of shame so too late for medicine was examined for abnormalities that it faces.

1. Surgery, the breast cancer is known from an early age then surgery is the appropriate action. The doctor will remove the lump and a small area surrounding the then replace it with another muscle tissue (lumpectomy). Broadly speaking, there are 3 surgery or breast cancer surgery including;
- Radical Mastectomy, the surgical removal of part of the breast (lumpectomy). This operation is always followed by the provision of radiotherapy. Lumpectomy is usually recommended in patients with large tumors less than 2 cm and located at the edge of the breast.
- Total Mastectomy, the surgical removal of the entire breast, but not the glands in the armpit.
- Modified Radical Mastectomy, the surgical removal of the entire breast, breast tissue in the sternum, collarbone and ribs, and lump around the armpit.

2. Radiotherapy (Radiation / radiation), ie the process of irradiation on the area affected by cancer by using X-rays and gamma rays are aimed at killing any remaining cancer cells in the breast after surgery. This action has the effect of unfavorable as the body becomes weak, poor appetite, skin color around the breast to be black, as well as hemoglobin and leukocytes tended to decline as a result of radiation.

3. Hormone Therapy, This is known as 'anti-estrogen therapy' that the system works to block the ability of the hormone estrogen in stimulating breast cancer development.

4. Chemotherapy, This is the process of providing anti-cancer drugs in pill or capsule or liquid through the infusion aimed at killing cancer cells. The system is expected to reach the target in the treatment of cancer that may have spread other body gets. The impact of the patients experienced kemoterapy nausea and vomiting and hair loss due to the influence of drugs given during chemotherapy.

5. Herceptin treatment is biological therapy is known to be effective against HER2-positive in women with breast cancer stage II, III and IV by the deployment cancernya cells.

Breast Cancer Prevention
For those of you who feel there are things that look different in the breast, get it checked out to a doctor not to be late. For example the next enlargement, the surrounding breast lump, pain constantly on the nipple and so on as in the description of signs and symptoms of breast above.
Other actions you can do is to avoid obesity, Eat less fat, Try to consume lots of foods containing vitamins A and C, do not eat too many salted and smoked foods, exercise regularly, and breast check-ups since the age of 30 years regularly .

Overcoming Nausea in the Morning When Pregnant

Dealing with morning sickness, (perhaps also at noon, afternoon, and evening) are things that must be faced by most women when pregnant. Not a few women who wonder why this could happen, and what are the benefits? There are parents who say, that the prospective mother indicates her sickness will be a bright child. Really nausea in pregnant women affects the child?
In fact, health experts say, nausea and vomiting is a marker that the hormones of pregnancy have increased, which is also a sign that the pregnancy face of progress. At least that's presented by Laura Riley, MD, a physician at once the author of You and Your Baby: Healthy Eating During Pregnancy. However, it also does not mean that pregnant women who did not experience nausea and vomiting risk of miscarriage. About 25 percent of healthy pregnant women do not experience nausea and vomiting, but for those who feel it, usually lasts until the first trimester.
Meanwhile, Chinese herbalist and acupuncture physician, said Amelia Hirota, nausea and vomiting can occur when toxins overload the liver and blocking its ability to process the hormones of pregnancy. Imbalance that occurs in the liver is what causes the nausea and vomiting. However, possible causes of nausea and vomiting can also be caused by the use of birth control pills, because the drunk land / sea / air, has a brother who also experience nausea, vomiting in the morning, pregnant with twins, and so forth.
The good news, a combination of lifestyle and changes in intake could be an alternative approach and a solution for some cases.
Prevent morning sickness
To minimize the morning sickness, follow the rules "slowly but surely." Rather than eating three large menu of the day, divide your intake into six small portions a day. Melinda Johnson, MS, RD, a spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association, recommends to not let yourself starve, because of lack of or too high blood sugar levels can make you nausea and vomiting.
It is also the cause of morning sickness, because at night, while asleep, we are starting a fast. To avoid an empty stomach and cause nausea in the morning, kudaplah snacks like saltines or dry toast in the morning. Keep a box of crackers at your bedside to eat before starting to move in the morning.
Some experts advise not to consume foods that have a strong flavor, such as fried or spicy foods. However, it is best to listen to what your body says. Eat what makes your body feels good, or at least reduce her nausea. You know best what your body feels, doctors can only help you with advice in this regard. As long as you drink plenty of water and taking vitamins pregnancy, your baby will undoubtedly remain healthy.
Cope with morning sicknessIf nausea and vomiting was attacked even though you've done all the way so he would not come, you can do is to consume foods that soothe cold. Try to consume that contain lots of water and cold, such as melons, grapes, smoothies, orange, or cucumber. Even for some women, eating different types of oranges, even inhaling the fragrance alone, was able to help.
While other options may also by eating, sipping ginger aroma. A study published by the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology found that ginger helps to reduce morning sickness. Try to consume ginger ginger produced directly from the original. Because ginger is already made an instant can be reduced potency.
If your morning sickness is also accompanied by vomiting, highly recommended to restore back to restore body fluid-electrolyte minerals, like sodium and potassium which regulate fluid balance in the body. For you who do not like drinking water, can be tricked by making small pieces of ice to chew on spare time, or drink of citrus, ginger drinks, or ice lollies.
As suggested above, defend the rule "slowly but surely." If you mengasup fluid directly with the amount of more than 2 ounces at a time, the water will be difficult to digest by the body, and tends directly to the kidneys and bladder, has not been absorbed by the body.
But if your morning sickness start burdensome daily life, consult with your doctor. Most likely, your doctor may recommend supplements of vitamin B6. Pregnancy resulted in an easily absorbed vitamins such as B6 water is greatly reduced. Taking supplements or eating foods that contain B6, such as egg yolks, yogurt, whole grains can help reduce morning sickness. Ask your doctor for exact dosages.
Pregnancy as unique with the baby: different for each person. It required trial and error, and do not give up to try different alternatives for your comfort, the baby was healthy.

Women Easier Dehydration

Many expressions that show how productive is the golden age. Indeed at that age, people are still capable and able to perform many activities or jobs. But on the sidelines through these activities they sometimes forget to take drinking water. Whereas in a day or 24 hours, adults need as much as 2 liters of water or 8-10 glasses of water to avoid shortages. The body needs water not only to prevent thirst. But also to prevent various disorders due to lack of water. Lack of water into one of the causes of fatigue. It also can lead to a lack of concentration, difficulty thinking, the heart beats more quickly and easily fatigued. Even the lack of water can also cause mood disorders.

In general, water shortages will increase 2-3 percent body temperature, thirst and stamina problems. If it continues to be ignored until its shortcomings to reach 4 percent can reduce the physical ability as much as 25 percent. And if the water shortage will reach 7 percent could result in loss of consciousness or fainting. To prevent this, it is recommended should consume one glass of water on a regular basis within 1-2 hours, without having to wait for the emergence of thirst or even dehydration.

Clinically mild dehydration occurs when the body lacks the 3-9 percent of body fluids, while severe dehydration if the body lacks more than 9 percent of body fluids. But in one study known to dehydrate the body by 1.3 percent in women and 1.5 percent in the lai-man alone is causing the symptoms of dehydration such as decreased cognitive function, activities of troubled and tired.

Keep in mind, in the case of dehydration, in general, women are more susceptible to dehydration than men. That's because the body composition of women different from men. Although the muscle fewer women, but women have more fat. Similarly, hormonal more so the more sensitive.

Tips to Decrease the woman calf

How to minimize calf woman sought in particular to support the trend of mini skirts and shorts that are popular. Apparently, there are many causes of calf to be great that you can anticipate:
GeneticOften stand for long periods, so that the blood circulation in bad blood vessels and toxins accumulate in the lower body.Sport the wrong way, making fat attached to the muscle and into the accumulation of fat in the leg.Wearing shoes that are not suitable for footRoutinely engage in activities that force the use of heavy ball of the foot (the back leg), including your walk with high heels.

Then, what if you are already a big calf?
For short-term improvement and super-fast results, you can wear high heels for your legs look elongated.
Most people think that walking too much can cause large calves, so they decided to reduce it. In fact, aerobic / cardio exercises are walking, jogging, skipping or riding a bike, etc., are the best exercises to shape the legs, as long as you do the stretch for at least 15 minutes after each workout to restore muscle flexibility.
Beauty is owned by all women, but of course requires discipline to be able to change the shape of the body. So, for long-term improvement, the steps - the steps below should be done with the routine before you can see the results you want. However, if you survive and be patient, the beautiful leg will be yours. With cardio, stretching, helped by massage with the right amount and changes in lifestyle (such as reducing the frequency of wearing high heels, proper diet, etc.), you can easily get sexy legs

Step 1: Cardio Exercise
Choose the type of cardio exercise you want, jogging, swimming, running, cycling, jumping rope, etc.
High reps / light weight training
Do calf raise movement (described below) with standing or sitting position before any cardio workout.
Calf raise movement:

1. Standing by maintaining a balance with the ball of the foot on the edge of a ladder or other object that is 20 cm higher than the ground, you can put your hand on the wall for balance, and your heels hanging in the air.2. Slowly raise the heel and the tiptoe, squeezing, at the highest point, then, with the same speed of your heel down as far as possible.3. You can start by doing a minimum of 2 sets with 10 reps and increase the number of sets and reps when you are already familiar.

Exercises light reps with heavy loads tend to increase muscle size, while, high repetition exercises with light weights, toning muscles. For example, 4 sets of 15 to 25 reps standing or seated calf raise using only body weight. Do it two times or more per week and your calves will tighten and shrink.
Sports you can do on a regular basis in order to get slim calves are:


Cardio is great for losing fat and the good news is you will never get big muscles because of it. Cardio exercises such as swimming, running, cycling, jumping rope, etc. combined with a high fiber diet / low protein intake can trim your legs. You can even reduce the size of your muscles and take an inch or more of your calf. Cardio is also good for your health.

Walking lengthen muscles and give a better shape for your foot. It's easy to do and also reduce the risk of major diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, etc..

And remember to stretch the calf, especially before and after training high reps / light weights and cardio, to prevent the tightness of the muscles, which can cause injury, pulled calf muscles, and raising your calf.

Method 2: Stretching

Facing the wall with one foot in front of others, his palms into the wall. The back foot should be about three feet from the wall, about halfway between the front foot and back foot wall. Keeping both heels on the floor. Bend your front knee and lean forward gradually until you feel the stretch in your back calf. Hold for 10 to 30 seconds, change legs and repeat at least 5 sets.

The steps mentioned above is to stretch gastroc, soleus stretch is also good for your calves as well. Other stretching exercises you can do on a regular basis are:
Pilates and Yoga

Programmed exercise like pilates and yoga that involves both strengthening and stretching are great to elongate and lengthen muscles so as to provide a higher stature, which means the legs longer and more slender.

How 3: Massage Betis

1. Soften the accumulation of fat: sit with one leg bent in front of the chest while the other leg twisted. Try to relax the body, massage your calf muscles from your ankles towards your knees using the palm of the hand.2. Remove tightness: rub the bottom of the feet with two intense hands, knead from bottom to top.3. Increase flexibility: a stroke-up shank using the palm of the empty center to reduce fatigue and add more flexible.
How 4: Changes in lifestyle
Change your lifestyle that is away from high heels or shoes that are not right, the right diet: high in fiber, low protein, and low-carb diet, avoid standing for long periods or walking on uneven surfaces, etc.
Good luck.

Foods To Avoid Stomach Acid Causes Increased

Problems in the digestive system should not be ignored. There are various digestive system disorders or diseases that may occur and are often ignored by many people. The most common digestive problem is a disease of increasing acidity or gastro-esophageal reflux, mostly known as ulcer disease. Diseases increase in gastric acid can affect different ages of infants, adolescents, and adults. These disorders should be given special attention because it may cause more serious problems that can affect the respiratory system.

The rise of stomach acid can be determined through the symptoms associated with it. Symptoms such as burning sensation in the chest or throat, sighing voice, hoarseness or other symptoms that are similar should not be ignored, because the symptoms of increased stomach acid is also similar to a heart attack.

An individual with these symptoms should immediately consult a doctor to determine whether they have the disease or symptoms of gastric acid increase in heart attacks. Once doctors diagnose a person with the disease increase stomach acid, they must wear the proper medication to treat this condition and prevent further problems.

Fortunately, advances in medical treatment have been introduced lately, making it possible for someone with the disease increased stomach acid to undergo a medical operation, thus, provide a permanent treatment for the disease increased gastric acid in a quick surgical procedure. On the other hand, increased disease surgery gastric acid can be very expensive, so the natural solution to eliminate these problems is the choice for those who can not undergo surgery.

As most people know, the disease increased gastric acid or stomach ulcers can occur at any time but may occur after eating a heavy meal with high acid levels. Thus, everyone should avoid foods that are highly acidic to prevent this condition occurs. Even fried and fatty foods should also be avoided. These foods can cause more severe symptoms that can affect the respiratory system. Even chocolate is considered as taboo for someone with the disease increased gastric acid because chocolate is also very acidic.

If you have been diagnosed with stomach acid, try changing your diet by choosing the right foods and healthy. Avoid foods with tomatoes and citrus fruits because tomatoes and citrus fruits also are highly acidic. Foods with seasonings such as garlic, onion, red or black pepper, and chili powder can cause more severe conditions. And ginger is a natural remedy that can be used to relieve heartburn.

Here are some foods that should be avoided by someone the patient increase stomach acid. Fatty foods like hamburgers and hotdogs is one of the risk of triggering a painful condition. Certain vegetables such as cauliflower, brussel sprouts, cabbage, and broccoli can also cause a rise in stomach acid. Most importantly, avoid caffeine contained in tea, coffee, and soda. Caffeine causes the secretion of gastric acid that can cause problems increase stomach acid.

There are other ways to help eliminate the disease increased gastric acid that does not involve eating, this is done by limiting your food intake. Usually, heavy meals in one time can cause a rise in stomach acid than eating with small portions at every meal. Eating heavy meals can cause stomach problems because it can not digest food properly for stomach consumption, causing increased stomach acid.

Diseases increase in gastric acid is a condition that requires attention. This can lead to worse conditions if unattended. One must take precautions to avoid the possibility of rising acidic gastric acid, however, also avoid foods that cause stomach acid rise occurred to him. Learn to diagnose problems caused by the increase in stomach acid and take precautions to avoid the possibility of occurrence of this disorder by avoiding possible foods that can cause a rise in stomach acid.

Uterus Cancer Symptoms

Cervical cancer (cervix) is the most frightening specter for all women. In addition there is no cure, cervical cancer can also lead to death. This type of cancer is most commonly found among gynecologic cancer, and became the leading cause of death of women with cancer in developing countries, including Indonesia.

Symptoms of cervical cancer usually occurs a long whitish and not treated properly, vaginal discharge that smells or can also occur during sexual intercourse bleeding (contact bleeding), the stage of dysplasia to stage I, practically without complaint. Just step on stage 1 A-3b are patient complaints. While on stage 4B cancer cells have spread to the brain and lungs.

Cervical cancer as yet unknown cause. Based on recent studies, the HPV virus is one of the trigger. HPV can infect a woman if her sexual partner contracted the virus due to change of partners. In addition, women who have the habit of smoking is also prone to this cancer. Substance nicotine contained in tobacco has a tendency affects the mucous membranes in the body, including cervical mucous membrane, thus making it susceptible to cancer cells.

This cancer usually women of childbearing age, On sex, frequent change of sexual partners, mating in the relatively young age (<17 years) and often give birth.

The most effective prevention is through early detection with Pap smear, which can detect the growth of cells that will become cancer cells. The earlier abnormal cells are detected, the lower the risk of someone suffering from cervical cancer.

Pap smear test is an examination that is safe, inexpensive, and has been used for years to detect abnormal cells in the cervix. We recommend that women routinely perform pap smears after having sex once a year, or three months after giving birth to detect the presence or absence of pre-cancer / dysplasia.

Treatment of cervical cancer there are three, namely surgery, radiation (radiation), and chemotherapy. Each therapy was performed by physicians experienced by patients with cancer stage and with consideration of the rules and risks for the patient. Stage O or also called pre-cancerous lesions are very easily treated with local measures. Next stage 1, divided by A and B, treatment options with surgery. Stage 2A is still surgery, but stad 2B is no longer the surgery, but radiation should be assisted chemotherapy. Stage 3 and 4 is an advanced stage, divided also A and B, usually radiation assisted chemotherapy.

Tips to avoid the possibility of women from cervical cancer as follows:

1. Beware of the symptoms. Immediately contact a doctor if there are symptoms such as abnormal bleeding, especially after sexual activity.

2. Regular inspection. Make a pap smear test every year. This was done until 70 years of age.

3. Do not smoke because it can stimulate the emergence of cancer cells through the nicotine contained in your blood. Risk of female smokers 4-13 times larger than the female non-smokers. It is estimated nicotine toxic effect on epithelial cells, thus facilitating the entry of the virus mutagen.

4. Avoid the habit of washing the vagina with the use of drugs antiseptic and deodorant because it will cause irritation of the cervix, which stimulates the occurrence of cancer.