Mandatory Know Before Whitening Teeth

Bleaching teeth into the middle of a lifestyle trend in society that always wants to look gorgeous. Tooth whitening techniques with these chemicals appear in various forms began to gel whitening gel, toothpaste, mouthwash up.

Almost all products promising the ability to remove stains as well as brighten dull teeth layers. Despite its effectiveness, a number of whitening products containing certain chemicals that can damage the health of your teeth.

"Teeth whitening can cause tooth sensitivity. The occurrence of sensitivity on the teeth can be a sign of tooth whitening system is wrong," said Professor Linda C. Niessen, MD, from A & M Health Science Center Baylor College of Dentistry, Dallas.

The emergence of a mild tingling sensation in the teeth when you eat cold or hot drink is a sign of increased tooth sensitivity. The effect of abrasion on enamel is prone befall those who perform teeth whitening in their 20s and 30s years.

Based on the survey, as many as 82 percent of Americans experience dental pain and increased sensitivity of the gums caused by tooth whitening. That is why dentists recommend dental health consultation before making teeth whitening techniques.

Interested in teeth whitening? Learn the tips before deciding bleaching teeth:

1. No matter how you would do, bearing in mind that your teeth should not be whiter than the whites of your eyes.

2. Know what's in your mouth prior to dental bleaching. If you have composite fillings, or use a coating teeth (veneers) are made to match the original color of the front teeth, not any teeth whitening products can change the color of your teeth porcelain.

So if you whiten your teeth in any way, the tooth that is patched or has the veneer is not likely to make it look whiter. Indeed, it has the teeth look more yellow.

3. Do not chase mirages. Lower standards of your teeth whiteness level. Therefore, the model-mpdel beautiful appearance on the cover of a magazine with bright white teeth is not the result of tooth bleaching techniques, but rather the result of Photoshop or veneer. So do not ngoyo to achieve the impossible standards.

4. Ask an expert doctor to perform teeth whitening will be better than using the product at random. Using a lower concentration of products or reduce the frequency of bleaching can also help reduce the sensitivity of the gums and help achieve gradual results without exaggeration.

When using bleach your teeth at home, use only for 15 minutes, no more 30 minutes. Do not use every day, just once or twice a week. Ask your dentist to perform treatment with a new biocompatible material called NovaMin that can cope with sensitive teeth. NovaMin react with saliva and minerals on the tooth surface to create a barrier of pain.

5. Avoid things that can lead to stains on teeth. If you smoke, stop! Not just for the sake of your teeth white, but also to support health. Avoid foods and beverages such as tea-colored, red grapes, and blueberries. Brush your teeth immediately after eating and before bedtime. And do not forget to always perform dental examinations every six months.

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