Prevent Hypertension with Seaweed

One study says high blood pressure, stroke and premature death can now be prevented by replacing the salt with a grain of sea grass.

Research by scientists from Sheffield Hallam University, UK examined the grain of seaweed found off the coast of England and Norway.

They get seaweed granules or granules are shown to be healthier and have lower sodium levels only about 3.5 percent compared with a salt commonly used in the food industry that could contain up to 40 percent sodium.

Replace salt with seaweed was supported by several health foundations in the UK, one of which Dr. Craig Rose of Seaweed Health Foundation. "It feels good, and powerful when mixed with food. The benefit is also clearly" explained Rose.

Although considered to help reduce high blood pressure disease, to heart. Yet much remains to assess the study less relevant.

As the results of the analysis of the Cochrane Review, which shows data from seven studies on nearly 6,500 people whose results showed no clear benefit to the transfer of salt to seaweed. They even suggested that more people follow the rules of salt diet, not replace it.

The maximum daily salt intake recommended for men age 11 and over is 6g a day. Experts claim that if this amount could be trimmed a few cases of high blood pressure and heart attacks would be cut 70,000 per year.

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