5 Ways to Protect Hair from Pollution

Pollution not only the health but also can damage your beautiful hair. Pollution can cause the hair no longer shine and look dull. Not only that, due to pollution, the crown for this woman will feel dry and malnourished. Of course this will ruin your appearance and can not be tolerated.

Unfortunately, regular shampoo and conditioner to use is not sufficient to restore hair to shine again. But not to worry. There are several precautions that need to be done in order to keep hair healthy, shiny, and beautiful.

1. Use a scarf or hat

A scarf or shawl can help protect your hair from harsh sunlight. The sun can damage the outer hair cuticle, so it will look dull. Use a scarf or a hat if you are outside or in the sun. It is very important to prevent the loss of a fine texture of hair.

2. Avoid using hair oil when they go out of the house

Do not let the oil on your hair more than an hour. The longer your hair is oily, it is increasingly difficult to eliminate. In addition, with out the use of hair oil will result in dust stuck in your hair. And it takes extra shampoo to clean it.

3. Hair Tie

To prevent hair so no more tangled and messy, start to tie up her hair. If you tie it, these tips will help protect hair from damage

4. Use sunscreen

Not only the skin, hair also requires a sunscreen. For the hair, spray sunscreen would be easier. Spray sunscreen on your hair before going outside the home. This will protect hair from sun damage and prevent hair loss. Hair will be more shine and texture good.

Lightly spray around the hair and can also use a conditioner that protects hair from sun rays.

5. hair diuap

Give steam to hair care, at least once a week. These treatments can be done at home. The trick, wet hair with warm water, wring the towel, and put the towel over your head to cool again. Repeat this process.

It helps to open pores and increase blood circulation. With great tenderness care, you will have beautiful hair every day

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