Recognize Three-Phase Aging

Aging is a natural thing, but a scourge for many women because it can reduce the beauty of the skin. The aging process can occur because of two factors, internal and external.

Internal factors consist of free radicals, immune and cell death process, or often called apoptosis. Meanwhile, the external factors of stress, lifestyle and pollution.

The aging process itself, occurs in three phases of life. The first phase, at the age of 25 to 35 years, the man will enter the subclinical phase of aging. At this phase has not been clearly visible signs of aging but the function of the hormone testosterone, growth hormone, and estrogen began to weaken.

Then, the second phase, at the age of 35 to 45 years. This is a transitional phase characterized by decreased function of the hormone as much as 25 percent, shrinking of muscles, and increased uptake of fat. Then the third phase, when entering the age of 45 years, called the clinical phase. Marked by, started to feel sick because of the ability to absorb nutrients, foods, minerals, and vitamins declined.

Inhibits the aging process is recommended to be done early. In fact, a pregnant woman to give birth normally recommended for women who consumed infant feces will increase immunity.

Many ways be taken to slow aging. Start of the treatment is expensive, buying antiaging medicine, to perform plastic surgery. In fact, the core of aging is only one block.

The point is to keep away from stress, because the health body health always starts from the brain (mind). Actually, if the stress is on the correct threshold is also good for the body

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