Chocolate For Health Benefits

Health is a state of peace, soul, body and social. Health care is an attempt to prevention and handling of health problems, such as treatment and examination. Health is very necessary and important because at present many people who would neglect his own health.

Talking about health, it also has a chocolate health benefits. Indeed, as we know chocolate is not good for health. It turned out that behind all that there are some substances contained in chocolate is also beneficial to health, one of these substances are flavonoids. Flavonoids are antioxidants in chocolate are capable of capturing free radicals yan source of the disease found in the body. It turned out that chocolate also be able to reduce the cholesterol that can cause people to be prone to heart attacks.

In addition to health, chocolate is also beneficial for beauty. One of the substances contained in chocolate are beneficial for beauty is catechins. Catechins are substances that can prevent premature aging, therefore, do not be surprised if the chocolate at this time can be used as an ingredient for scrubs at the beauty salon.

Many of the benefits that we can still get from eating chocolate such as:
1. Chocolate can make the brain more and more smart.
2. Chocolate contains Chromium which can control blood sugar levels.
3. Chocolate is also great for Alcohol drinkers.
4. Chocolate contains anti-bacterial.

But we also remain vigilant and do not carelessly also eat chocolate is not all good chocolate. Chocolate is usually branded not necessarily good, because good chocolate contains Cocoa (chocolate beans) More than 20%. Wherever possible select a chocolate that has a slightly sweet taste of sugar content'll instantly we can feel from the fruit chocolate because it is more natural and without any mixture of other chemicals.

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