Women Easier Dehydration

Many expressions that show how productive is the golden age. Indeed at that age, people are still capable and able to perform many activities or jobs. But on the sidelines through these activities they sometimes forget to take drinking water. Whereas in a day or 24 hours, adults need as much as 2 liters of water or 8-10 glasses of water to avoid shortages. The body needs water not only to prevent thirst. But also to prevent various disorders due to lack of water. Lack of water into one of the causes of fatigue. It also can lead to a lack of concentration, difficulty thinking, the heart beats more quickly and easily fatigued. Even the lack of water can also cause mood disorders.

In general, water shortages will increase 2-3 percent body temperature, thirst and stamina problems. If it continues to be ignored until its shortcomings to reach 4 percent can reduce the physical ability as much as 25 percent. And if the water shortage will reach 7 percent could result in loss of consciousness or fainting. To prevent this, it is recommended should consume one glass of water on a regular basis within 1-2 hours, without having to wait for the emergence of thirst or even dehydration.

Clinically mild dehydration occurs when the body lacks the 3-9 percent of body fluids, while severe dehydration if the body lacks more than 9 percent of body fluids. But in one study known to dehydrate the body by 1.3 percent in women and 1.5 percent in the lai-man alone is causing the symptoms of dehydration such as decreased cognitive function, activities of troubled and tired.

Keep in mind, in the case of dehydration, in general, women are more susceptible to dehydration than men. That's because the body composition of women different from men. Although the muscle fewer women, but women have more fat. Similarly, hormonal more so the more sensitive.

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