5 Steps to Overcome Oily Skin and Glossy

In addition to acne prone, oily skin is also disturbing because it makes the face look shiny and make-up did not last long. So what can we do to minimize the oil on the skin?

1. Wash your face with soap more than three times a day
Two times is enough, after waking and before going to bed. If necessary, please wash your face in the middle of the day. Use soap or facial cleanser that is not cream-based. Avoid milk cleanser because it will make the skin more oily. Also avoid too frequent washing her face, because the skin will actually become dry and make the glands produce more oil.

2. Always willing to onionskin
Although this oil absorbent paper can not reduce oil production, it is useful to remove the gloss from the face and make a quick make-up does not fade.

3. Use a special moisturizer oily skin
Oily skin also still need a moisturizer. But not just any choice, because the average moisturizer works to moisturize dry skin, oily skin when you do not need extra moisture. Make sure you wear a moisturizer that is oil-free and made ​​especially for oily skin.

4. Use a toner after washing face
Toner is one good product to reduce the oil content in the face. But make sure you use a toner that did not contain alcohol. Alcohol will actually make the skin dry and oil glands also produce more oil because of it.

5. Use cosmetics made ​​from powder (powder)
Avoid blush and eyshadow made ​​from cream, because it will quickly fade and "melt" in your face is oily.

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