Use of Bra Too Tight Trigger Breast Cancer

Use of Bra Too Tight Trigger Breast Cancer.    Although make breasts look fuller, use a bra that is too tight is not good for health. Really?

Many women think that wearing a bra that is too tight, the better. The reason, they assume that a tight bra will give the appearance of breasts getting full, so make a form that is satisfactory. But worse, tight bra is not only charged when they move, but also when they sleep so as to endanger health.

A recent study conducted at Harvard University link between the imposition of tight bra with breast cancer. This is because wearing a very tight bra can restrict blood circulation and lymph tissue damage.

According to research, lack of oxygen and nutrients would allow the delivery to the cells decreases. This is especially true with women who wore bras more than 12 hours a day and during sleep was still wearing it.

The study also found that middle-class women are at high risk of breast cancer because they work long hours by using a bra.

Because lymphatic vessels are very thin, that part was very sensitive to pressure and easily compressed. General practitioners in India, Dr MD Mody said, "The main reason why a tight bra is very bad for breast health is because it limits the flow of lymph in your breast. Normally the lymph fluid will clean up waste and other toxins in the breast. But the bra is very tight will inhibit this process, so the toxins will accumulate in breast cancer and helped to develop. "

Many experts say that many women believe if they follow a regular diet and exercising every day, chances are they affected by breast cancer will be reduced.

According to India's gynecologist, Dr. Smiti Kamath, "Many women come to me with the awareness of regular exercise. They are very surprised when informed that the lymphatic circulation in many tissues (especially the primary lymphatics) are very dependent on the movement. Wearing a bra, especially in the bed will prevent the normal lymphatic flow and allows the lead to anoxia (lower than normal oxygen content) associated with fibrosis which is associated with increased cancer risk, "he said.

Oncology, Dr MV Shah said that women who have a family history of breast cancer should be extra careful.

"Bra inhibit our body's way of cleaning up and get rid of cancer cells and toxins such as dioxin, benzene, and other karsiogenik chemicals that attach to the fatty tissues of the body such as breasts," says Dr. Shah.

Therefore, women who like to use a bra that is too tight can lead to breast cancer

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