Personal Anti-Social, Hazard Detection Strategies

Personal Anti-Social, Hazard Detection Strategies - Have you met with an awkward or look strange? Anti-social attitudes they turned out to have a distinct advantage. A study revealed, an anti-social, awkward and dangerous conditions to save time.

someone who feels insecure or anxious always tend to avoid social relationships. Not only that, they are also more quickly detect and respond to potentially dangerous situations.

In the study, published in the journal Personality and Social Psychology asked respondents fill out surveys designed to assess their attachment style.

Then, they were divided into three groups and internet-based game play. They were kept waiting in a room to start the game. When investigators went, 'fake computer' in the room starts to smoke, and researchers wanted to see their reaction. The study found that anti-social group is more responsive than two other teams.

Psychologist Tsachi Ein Dor explains, "Anxiety, perceived unpleasant for all those who feel, can be very beneficial, because it allows early detection of threats."

Similarly, "avoidance behavior is also very useful, because it allows rapid response to threats," said Ein Dor, who is also one of the researchers.

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