Uterus Cancer Symptoms

Cervical cancer (cervix) is the most frightening specter for all women. In addition there is no cure, cervical cancer can also lead to death. This type of cancer is most commonly found among gynecologic cancer, and became the leading cause of death of women with cancer in developing countries, including Indonesia.

Symptoms of cervical cancer usually occurs a long whitish and not treated properly, vaginal discharge that smells or can also occur during sexual intercourse bleeding (contact bleeding), the stage of dysplasia to stage I, practically without complaint. Just step on stage 1 A-3b are patient complaints. While on stage 4B cancer cells have spread to the brain and lungs.

Cervical cancer as yet unknown cause. Based on recent studies, the HPV virus is one of the trigger. HPV can infect a woman if her sexual partner contracted the virus due to change of partners. In addition, women who have the habit of smoking is also prone to this cancer. Substance nicotine contained in tobacco has a tendency affects the mucous membranes in the body, including cervical mucous membrane, thus making it susceptible to cancer cells.

This cancer usually women of childbearing age, On sex, frequent change of sexual partners, mating in the relatively young age (<17 years) and often give birth.

The most effective prevention is through early detection with Pap smear, which can detect the growth of cells that will become cancer cells. The earlier abnormal cells are detected, the lower the risk of someone suffering from cervical cancer.

Pap smear test is an examination that is safe, inexpensive, and has been used for years to detect abnormal cells in the cervix. We recommend that women routinely perform pap smears after having sex once a year, or three months after giving birth to detect the presence or absence of pre-cancer / dysplasia.

Treatment of cervical cancer there are three, namely surgery, radiation (radiation), and chemotherapy. Each therapy was performed by physicians experienced by patients with cancer stage and with consideration of the rules and risks for the patient. Stage O or also called pre-cancerous lesions are very easily treated with local measures. Next stage 1, divided by A and B, treatment options with surgery. Stage 2A is still surgery, but stad 2B is no longer the surgery, but radiation should be assisted chemotherapy. Stage 3 and 4 is an advanced stage, divided also A and B, usually radiation assisted chemotherapy.

Tips to avoid the possibility of women from cervical cancer as follows:

1. Beware of the symptoms. Immediately contact a doctor if there are symptoms such as abnormal bleeding, especially after sexual activity.

2. Regular inspection. Make a pap smear test every year. This was done until 70 years of age.

3. Do not smoke because it can stimulate the emergence of cancer cells through the nicotine contained in your blood. Risk of female smokers 4-13 times larger than the female non-smokers. It is estimated nicotine toxic effect on epithelial cells, thus facilitating the entry of the virus mutagen.

4. Avoid the habit of washing the vagina with the use of drugs antiseptic and deodorant because it will cause irritation of the cervix, which stimulates the occurrence of cancer.

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