Five Easy Steps To Smooth and Sexy Legs

Five Easy Steps To Smooth and Sexy Legs - Many women use shorts or mini dress that showed off their feet. There is no harm anyway, as long as your feet gently with a charming color, smooth skin, and gives the illusion as if the stage like a model. But if not?

Here are simple steps that you have smooth legs and sexy without spending a lot of time:

1. Soften Your Skin

Scrub. For soft skin, rajinlah use body scrubs to remove dead skin cells. Look for containing oil to prevent dry skin and peeling.

Apply. In order for your feet berkemilau, Nicole Pozzetti of TruSkin Clinical Spa in New York rubbing the skin with a scrub in a circular motion, and give more attention in the area around the knee and ankle.

Banish bumps. To eliminate the red bumps around your thighs, Jeannette Graf, MD, one of the dermatology professor at New York University Medical Center suggests using Lac-Hydrin cream. Beruntusan laktatnya acid can eliminate quickly.

Reduce gelambir. Wrap your feet with lotion that is useful to tighten the skin. The formula contains ingredients like caffeine and seaweed extract which can temporarily make the skin tighter.

2. Be prepared to 'Naked'.

Sharpen your razor. The best way to shave, according to Cindy Barshop, the founder of Completely Bare Spas in New Ork and Palm Beach, Florida, is with a razor with four blades. "Fur will cut in once a razor so you do not have to shave again and again."

Remember steamy. Maybe most of us use a razor blade when the shower while getting ready to go to the office. "Better to shave at the last moment," said Dr.. Graf. "The steam will soften the hair, making it easy to shave." To the best techniques, experts recommend to keep the skin and shave in the opposite direction of hair growth. When dealing with sensitive areas, like around the groin, do it in the direction of hair growth to avoid hair grow abnormally, Dr. Graf suggests.

Use the right products. Shaving cream containing ingredients such as silicone lubricants, oils and sap selulosit, will reduce redness and irritation because these materials will soften hair and make razor glide over your skin, Ni'Kita Wilson (cosmetic chemist in Fairfield , New Jersey) suggest. Read carefully wrap the product before you buy.

Wax with a little groan. If you include the patient and able to withstand pain, consider doing a waxing on your feet. "Waxing means you pull out your hair to the root, just remove it while shaving on the surface, so the results will last longer," says Ann Marie Cilmi, director of education and development for Bliss. (Note: do waxing on a large field at the same time constitute torture. Try waxing by doing a field of smaller pieces.)

Enjoy the hair that grows just not normal. Despite your best efforts, may not normally grow hair - especially if you have a coarse and curly hair. Do not pull it out; do massage in the surrounding area with a cotton swab dipped in the face cleanser that contains glycolic and salicylic-acid. "This will open the top layer of skin, open the hair follicles so the hair can grow through it," said Dr.. Graf.

3. Add sheen to your skin

Increase your base color. If your leg pale, given the gradual self-tanner care. "The materials contained in it will help the amino acids in the skin to produce brown pigment that naturally," said Dr.. Graf. Your skin color will be darker in five to seven days, after that, apply lotion every day to make it shine.

Get sheen quickly. If you want to look tan now, the best way is applying a bronzing oil before you go kelua. The effect will only last until you shower. To try a technique whose effects are more lasting, use a mousse or towelette with the browning process that does not require much sun: They make your legs as if she'd go to the beach, golden, and its effects last up to a week later. You can choose the level of color that matches the color of your skin, and the product even easier to use than other types of sprays, which sometimes cover the entire place, said Jim Hammer, a cosmetics chemist in Easton, Massachusetts.

Wear gloves. Before the sweep towelette or mousse on your skin, wear gloves made of latex. "That way, your hands will not be exposed to color the molecule intended for the feet," advises Barshop. Make sure your feet are not wet or greasy as this will impede the self-tanner perfect sink.

Spread it wide. Apply product from above the ankle to below the knee, with a uniform direction. Next, focus on your thighs, use a mirror to facilitate views. For the knee, mixed tanner with moisturizer for dry skin in the area does not become too dark there. "You do not want to look like he was wearing knee pads," warns Barshop said. Ignore areas not exposed to sunlight. "The heels or soles of the feet are brownish means failure," said Susie Hatton of Chocolate Sun, a salon in Santa Monica, California.

Remove all stains. If the results have kejinggaan stain, do not panic. "Bath will eliminate it," explains Joanne Gair, interpreters makeup and body paint. "Otherwise, just add a cup of milk in the bath," added Hatton. "Lactic acid will lower the levels of color." According to Dr. Graf, if your ankle problem, remove the stain with a soft side of emery board or apply cream bleach and let stand for two or three minutes.

4. Get perfect results

Outsmart the curve. There is no magic way of treatment for cellulite, but experts agree that the skin lotion containing the ingredient caffeine (like coffee, guarana, and tea) will stimulate circulation and pressed the pace of wrinkles in a while. Other ideas: Use a dry body brush and start from the ankle, brush up, says Chantal Sanders, director of development for the Clarins spa and boutique.

Eliminate the rash. If you're banging your self to the end of the table, stick hit the ice in the area to prevent swelling. Then cover the scar with makeup mixing several types of lightening with your daily moisturizer, clear Cilmi.

Cover the rest. To blur strokes birth marks, and the veins are prominent, Londa Rondinella-Osgood, interpreters and makeup for the Miss Universe contestant, use a concealer which is used for the body.

5. Create your toes more beautiful

Cut and miserly. Cut your toenails straight and miserly tip of a sharp nail but do not make a circular shape as this can cause the nail to grow into the surrounding skin, "recalls Dr. Graf.

Beautify the skin. Remove calluses and rub with a pumice stone, then apply a smoothing foot scrub, Julie Serquinia advice, nail salon owner of Paint Shop Beverly Hills.

Soak. Push back your cuticles with a towel that has been moistened washcloth, and scrub with a moisturizer and cuticle oil, let them soak in a minute or two. Clean the oil remains behind.

Nail polish. Apply a basecoat and two coats of nail polish. Bright colors like pink and purple is perfect for providing a bright color.

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